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Cigarettes are not addictive.
– Brennan Dawson, Tobacco Institute (USA), 1994.

It’s always been our policy that young people shouldn’t smoke.
– Brennan Dawson, Tobacco Institute (USA), 1991.

I think we overuse the word “addictive”. I think smoking can be a habit.
– Brennan Dawson, Tobacco Institute (USA), 1991.

This attempt to ban smoking is an example of social engineering on a vast scale. Such massive intervention in the private lives and choices of one quarter of our adult population recalls the extremism of Prohibition, the last national crusade against a supposed social evil.
– Charles Whitley, Tobacco Institute (USA), 1990.
There is no science behind the accusation that advertising causes smoking initiation.
– Thomas Lauria, Tobacco Institute (USA), 1991.
If I saw or thought that there were any evidence whatsoever that conclusively proved that, in some way, tobacco was harmful to people, and I believed it in my heart and my soul, then I would get out of the business and I wouldn’t be involved in it. Honestly, I have not seen one piece of medical evidence that has been presented by anybody, anywhere that absolutely, totally said that smoking caused the disease or created it. I believe this. I’m sitting here talking to you with an extremely clear conscience.
– Gerald H. Long, president of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, May 19, 1986, as quoted in the Washington Times.

Gosh, we’re awed at how a story can be told and retold by the anti-cigarette people, and how little attention is given in the press to claims for cigarettes.
– James C. Bowling, assistant to the president, Philip Morris.
It’s part of the whole anti-business movement, the Green Movement. If you think it’s bad here, it’s even worse in Europe. People have more time to think these days, and so they’re more and more critical of everything. Look how critical they are of governments. And there this health-consciousness movement running through the world.
– John Dollisson, vice president of corporate affairs, Philip Morris, explaining the antismoking movement.
I think that if it were ever conclusively shown that there was some connection between smoking and, say, lung cancer most ad agencies would not be advertising cigarettes. But it’s easy to get stampeded, and the tobacco industry is being very much maligned…. The fact is that I have never met a finer group in my life than the people in the tobacco industry…. And tobacco has given pleasure to an awful lot of people. You should never act on hunches; suspicions, and stir-ups.
– Henry Pattison, account executive for the Philip Morris Company at the Benton and Bowles Agency; 1969.

Just what the doctor ordered.
– Ad, L & M cigarettes, 1956.

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