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Smoking is a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.
– King James I of England, (1566-1625) A Counter-blaste to Tobacco (1604).
The passage was written shortly after Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco to England from the Americas., Source : seen on the web.

Ods me, I marvel what pleasure or felicity they have in taking their roguish tobacco. It is good for nothing but to choke a man, and fill him full of smoke and embers.
– Ben Jonson, (1573-1637) English dramatist, Every Man in His Humour, III:5, Source: Bloomsbury book of quotations.

It was the sort of moment that a smoker would fill in with a cigarette and an ex-smoker filled in with the memory of a cigarette.
– Peter Corris, The January Zone, 1987, Source: The Macquarie Dictionary of Australian Quotations.

A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?.
– Oscar Wilde, (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author., in The Picture of Dorian Gray, ch. 6 (1891)., Source : seen on the web.

Tobacco is a dirty weed. I like it.
It satisfies no normal need. I like it
It makes you thin, it makes you lean,
It takes the hair right off your bean.
It’s the worst darn stuff I’ve ever seen.
I like it.
– Graham Lee, Hemminger, (1896-1949), ‘Tobacco’,Penn State Froth, Nov 1915 , Source : seen on the web.

Dr Parr…asked him, how he had acquired his power of smoking at such a rate? Lamb replied, ‘I toiled after it, sir, as some men toil after virtue.’
– Charles Lamb, (1775-1834) British essayist., Memoirs of Charles Lamb (Talfourd), Source: Bloomsbury book of quotations.

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