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Some things are better eschewed than chewed; tobacco is one of them.
– George Dennison Prentice, Prenticeana (1860), Source: The International Thesaurus of Quotations.

`You ain’t got any tobacco,’ he said scornfully to Bunyip Bluegum.
`I can see that at a glance. You’re one of the non smoking sort, all fur and feathers.’
– Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding, 1918. Source: The Macquarie Dictionary of Australian Quotations.

My father is my idol, so I always did everything like him.
He used to work two jobs and still come home happy every night.
He didn’t do drugs or drink, and he wouldn’t let anyone smoke in his house.
Those are rules I adopted, too.
– Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Source : seen on the web.
America, defeated by the Spaniards, was victorious over its haughty invaders by forcing them to acquire its habits: its gifts of syphilis and tobacco were nails in the coffin of the new rulers.
Would that that plant had remained forever in obscurity! An educated, gentle and healthy person of intellect, whom God has blessed with wisdom, should assiduously avoid temptation, not pollute his mouth with the stench of the pipe
…Who was that first reckless person to try that poison, more dangerous than hemlock and worse than the poppy?
When he opened his snuff box, he unwittingly opened Pandora’s box, out of which were released a thousand evils, one more pitiless than the other
…For the unfortunate soul who heeds not sound advice and once indulges in the addiction, the efforts and warnings of sound reason are in vain
…Love is said to be a sudden, epileptic happening, but smoking is a chronic epilepsy.
– Dr. Fagot, Court physician to Louis XIV, The Gift of Gardening – National Geographic, Vol. 181, No. 5, May 1992
A reply to an apology in favour of smoking, the French Academy, 1699, Source : seen on the web.

Watch what you choose to do. For instance, someone might want you to smoke.
Never forget that I told you – don’t do it. Say no.
That can of beer that somebody wants you to try, don’t do it. Don’t you ever do it.
That drug that someone might want you to use, don’t touch it.
Stay away from it. It can destroy you.
– Gordon B. Hinckley, Source : seen on the web.
Neither do thou lust after that tawney weed tobacco.
– Ben Jonson, (1573-1637) English dramatist., Bartholomew Fair, II:6 , Source : Bloomsbury book of quotations.

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