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Wynn Starr Flavors Inc

flavorSEstablished in 1988, Wynnstarr has become the leading provider of creative, savory flavor and food products. Distinctive culinary tastes combined with innovative process techniques enhance a multitude of food items for the world’s largest and most recognized food service companies. Our leadership, position and ability to design signature tastes derives from our firm understanding of the commercial food industry and advanced culinary principles.

The legendary flavor and aroma of traditionally prepared, sautéed mushrooms, onions, and other vegetables are true culinary hallmarks. The frozen vegetable industry has up to now provided only steam cooked vegetables in a sauce solution. Say no to sauce and yes to true flame cooked sautéed vegetables! Wynnstarr, through our unique combination of gas fired sauté cooking equipment and natural ingredients, offers these classic products in a convenient, ready to use form. As an added benefit, terminology “sautéed” can be legitimately utilized on your labeling.

But don’t just take our word for it, try one of our true to life Quick Culinary™ Sautéed Vegetables to see how one of the smallest ingredients in your recipe can have the most impact!

As a point of reference, we are listing a sampling of our numerous Quick Culinary™ Sautéed Vegetables. Please call to enquire about a customized blend.

In addition to our Allendale office which houses over 3,500 individual flavor and flavor systems, our manufacturing center is in Louisville, KY. Wynnstarr has the ability to extract, kettle cook, flame grill, spray dry and numerous other flavor processing techniques. In fact, the majority of our equipment is completely customized providing both ourselves and our customers with truly

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