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Ungerer & Company


Ungerer’s flavor professionals design and develop intricate and complex flavors using essential oils, aroma chemicals, specialty products, essences and distillates. We manufacture raw materials created by our basic materials division. Ungerer is in an enviable position of being a market leader in the development of the basic ingredients used in all flavors which allows our team of flavorists to create a wide range of unique flavors at competitive prices. Ungerer’s commitment to the expansion of our line of basic ingredients enhances our ability to provide key flavor notes that make our customers products stand out in the market place. We believe that the strong partnerships with our customers are the key to our success.

One hundred years after its inception, Ungerer & Company remains a family-owned business. True to the principals upon which it was founded and like a time-honored tradition, leadership has passed from one generation to the next. More than a family name ties these generations together. Rather, it has been a lifelong devotion to the art of essential oils and their flavor and fragrance formulations. A devotion that was instilled at birth and nurtured over the years has kept Ungerer & Company’s values true. What is a common bond among generations of the Ungerer family has also distinguished each family member.

Since inception, Ungerer & Company remains dedicated to the production and processing of quality essential oils, oleoresins and aroma chemicals. We are committed to technology, service and quality and to our reputation throughout the flavor, fragrance and allied industries.

Today they have manufacturing facilities in: Lincoln Park, New Jersey, Bethlehem, PA, Puebla, Mexico, Oaxaca, Mexico, Medan, Indonesia, Shanghi, China, Australia and Chester, England. Ungerer & Company truly is a global manufacturer. It is through vertical integration and our long historic ties to producers around the world that we can ensure customers will achieve a competitive advantage sourcing their requirements from Ungerer. Ungerer & Company welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to supply your requirements.

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