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Technology Flavors & Fragrances

Technology Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. combines an international sphere of expertise, service, value and innovation within the flavor and fragrance industry.

TFF’s products have been incorporated into a wide variety of consumer and institutional products including beverages, sweets, baked goods, meat & poultry, health care & pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and personal care, household products, fine fragrances and much more. We also provide a full array of services, from tailor made flavors and fragrances to product solutions. Our commitment to providing our customers with creative products and seamless efficiency, allows us to form solid profitable partnerships. In particular, it is the technical expertise of our flavor chemists, food technologists, perfumers and cosmetic chemists that enables us to succeed when servicing the specialized needs of our customers.

The fusion of science and technology is what fuels creative and revolutionary thinking at Technology Flavors & Fragrances. The end result is the highest quality flavors and fragrances for a wide range of innovative products. allows you to get a sense of the endless solutions we can provide and offers a full array of information right at your fingertips. Check out our new Health & Nutrition Division that captures an ever-growing health conscious society that demands better tasting products. Or click on TFF Preferred, a new added-value bonus for customers seeking specific flavors or fragrances for specif

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