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Target Flavors

Established in 1981, Target Flavors Incorporated is a basic manufacturer of flavors and related specialties serving the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our headquarters, laboratories and manufacturing facilities are located in Brookfield, Connecticut.

Since its founding, Target Flavors has enjoyed steady growth in a very competitive business. The reasons are simple: We have provided quality products to our customers combined with age-old proven principles of integrity, reliability, personalized service, fair pricing and … plain hard work.

In our early years, we provided development services to small companies, helping them to compete in local and regional markets by developing food and beverage prototypes patterned after major brands and of course, containing our flavor systems. Today, as a full service flavor house, our technical services are much more comprehensive in scope, but our goal remains the same – Serve our customers and help them succeed … with our flavors and technologies.

New Flavors… New Technologies… New Products… These are the keys to continued growth – both ours and yours. This continues to be the focus of our creative efforts. Today, many of our flavors and technologies are enjoying success in the marketplace and many new things are in the wings.

We invite you to learn more about Target Flavors – our products, our capabilities, our people and our ways of doing business.

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