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Symrise Inc.


Symrise is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative flavors for successful brands.

Symrise stands for the creative symbiosis of two long-established companies and their new union as an ambitious, future-oriented corporation. It represents the fruitful and successful collaboration with clients and partners. “Creating brands. Supporting brands”: its brand-oriented philosophy is its core competence. Symrise supports its clients in every phase of developing, expanding and maintaining successful brands on a regional and international level. The dragon and the hummingbird are united harmoniously in the logo. The powerful mythical creature and the delicate bird of great agility and grace represent the symbiosis of power and the senses, the merging of competences, and the synergy between business-oriented initiative and openness to creative research.

With a reputation for new concepts that help customers build new markets, Symrise continues to show the way forward – Symrise are currently working closely with consumer trends towards health and wellbeing as important factors in their purchase decisions, through our ‘taste for life®’ program. Once again, it’s the ‘Power of And’ at work in Symrise, linking our consumer insights with tangible product development.

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