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Star Kay White


S tar Kay White, Inc. was founded in 1890, and is a fourth generation family-owned company
that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products including syrups, candies, panned-items and extracts and flavors.

Star Kay White, a family-owned company with well over 100 years experience in the manufacturing of ingredients for the food industry, produces quality flavoring material. Our goal is to serve our customers with new and innovative products while continually maintaining and improving on the quality of our products and service.

Star Kay White is big enough to serve the largest manufacturer, but small enough to attend to every detail. We maintain a staff of well trained personnel, so that our customers can easily get solutions. We may not be the biggest in the industries we serve, but our ability to deliver the right product at the right time is unparalleled.

Let us relieve some of the burden of researching and designing new flavor concepts. We are happy to produce ready-to-eat ice cream samples based either on your ideas or our own. Every year Star Kay White develops a Feature Flavor program showing unique flavors that work.

In today’s world, as far as vendors are concerned, less is more. By working together to find new as well as existing products where Star Kay White offers a clear benefit, we intend to become one of your “A list” suppliers offering team support

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