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The company ’s ancestral traditions date back to 1871 when Victor MANE started producing fragrant materials from regional flowers and plants.

His sons Eugène and Gabriel, modernized and developed the business internationally between 1916 and 1958.

Maurice MANE took over from his father Eugène in 1959.

Under his leadership, the company increased its production capacity, set up research and analytical laboratories, diversified into flavorings for the food industry and developed its international network of subsidiaries, in 1995, Maurice MANE retired to become Chairman of the Monitoring Committee.

In 1995 Maurice’s eldest son Jean was appointed President, and his other son Michel, responsible for the Group ’s fragrance activities is also President of Mane USA.

Today, the site of Notre Dame (right) develops tomorrow’s technologies and dedicates itself to manufacturing of Natural Products and Natural Molecules.

All the highly automated fragrance and flavor blending and encapsulating activities have been transferred to the site of La Sarrée inaugurated in 1995.

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