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Jogue Inc.


Jogue, Inc. is a full service flavor company, providing quality flavors, fragrances and specialty dairy ingredients. There are presently four manufacturing facilities

within the United States. The Northville Laboratories plant is located in Northville, Michigan and has been serving the Food and Dairy industries since 1910. Northville laboratories is known for their fine ice cream flavors, fruit bases and variegates.

For over 85 years they have been pioneers in perfecting the extraction of pure vanilla for use in the Dairy, Baking and Confectionery industries.

The Jogue manufacturing plant is located in Detroit, Michigan and specializes in the development and manufacture of fruit drink bases and spray-dried flavors.

The recent acquisition in early 1995 of the Western Syrup Company has provided manufacturing facilities in Santa Fe Springs, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. The Western Syrup Company is well known for their syrups and cocktail mixes, while at the High Mountain Manufacturing Company, ice cream toppings are their specialty.

Technologists are only a phone call away. Jogue hope you will take advantage of our many services and the creativity of our technical staff to help you solve the flavor challenges of tomorrow.

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