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FONA International Inc.


FONA International is a unique place of intelligence, innovation, and technology.  From the beginning, Joe Slawek envisioned a culture that challenges conventional assumptions.

Recruiting some of the world’s leading experts in flavor development and applied food science, FONA is a place focused on new flavor ideas and consumer-preferred product solutions.  Add to that a bedrock commitment to the highest standards of personal integrity, exceptional service as well as mutual respect, and you have a culture that stands apart.

FONA believes great solutions are forged of strong minds, optimism, expertise, and honest exchange.  Whether in Chicago, London, Guadalajara or Toronto, it’s not unusual to walk by a conference room and see world-class technologists, flavorists, and marketers wrestling with a unique client problem.

It is from this environment that FONA has given birth to extraordinary innovations from microencapsulated flavor solutions to nutraceutical flavor masking, from Flavor University® to FONATECH®.

FONA is a different kind of place.

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