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Flavor & Fragrance Specialties was founded in 1983 by Robert Maleeny and Steve Vanata. Prior to FFS, they held key management positions at Nestle and Monsanto during their forays into flavor and fragrance manufacturing. The intention of the founders was to build a company that would be a strategic part of the industry.
The initial focus of FFS was small and medium sized manufacturers with the need for technical assistance and product improvement. Unique to Mr. Maleeny and Mr. Vanata’s vision for FFS was that staff members were its most important asset. The pair developed an environment that promoted creativity and valued individuals in an effort to foster success.
Shortly after its inception, Maleeny and Vanata were joined by Mike Bloom. The management team made a series of acquisitions including Palmer Laboratories of Baltimore, MD. Palmer Labs was a regional supplier of flavors and fragrances with an existing manufacturing facility and customer base. William Palmer joined the management team at that time. Flavorscents, J.E.Toll and Derived Aromatics, manufacturers of fragrances and flavors were acquired later. That period of rapid growth and expansion enabled FFS to provide its outstanding products and services to internationally recognized brands and companies.
FFS continues to research mechanisms of odor and flavor perception and has developed several product lines that are unique and proprietary. Our EOC™ Malodor Counteractant systems have proven valuable in many products in the air care market. Our flavor enhancers produce extraordinary results in such diverse products as oral care, confections, dressings, and beverages. We are the market leader for flavoring coffee and hot beverages based upon our Phase 2 technology and market tested products.
Looking into the future, FFS has initiated a distinctive Flavor Care program. The program contains GRAS affirmed, scientifically validated functional ingredients. The concept provides innovative formulation solutions to companies developing and marketing functional foods and beverages.
Today, with Mike Bloom as president, the goals and drive of the founders are intact with a clear vision for the future.

Mission Statement
Flavor & Fragrance Specialties manufactures the flavors and fragrances used in many great products. Our superior technical expertise and consultative approach to sales enables us to deliver the finest flavors and fragrances that are used in an ever broadening array of product lines. We recognize that the combined talent and enthusiasm of our employees is our most valuable resource. FFS promotes working conditions that foster ingenuity, dedication, and fair minded service. Our goal is to become an indispensable component of the flavor and fragrance manufacturing industry.

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