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Comax Flavors


Always on the forefront, Comax Flavors is a world leader in proprietary technology of flavors and aroma components. Comax brings the latest in flavor innovation and development to the food and beverage industry to deliver a competitive edge that will satisfy the changing tastes of consumers.

Founded in 1977, Comax offers a unique blend of technological expertise in “good for you foods” with a commitment to service to speed success for our customers.

Comax leads innovation in flavor technology by using vertical integration to manage the critical steps in the flavor creation process. From our investment in R&D to our specialized extraction processes to the manufacturing of our own aroma chemicals, the flavor experts at Comax are highly trained to bring advanced Quality Control innovations and the latest practices to put you on the forefront of flavor.

Consumers crave new taste sensations, but they also want the comfort of familiar flavors. Comax is constantly evaluating and updating the newest and best flavors in our huge flavor library. Savory or sweet, spicy or cool, rich or round, the full range of custom and traditional flavors from Comax give our customers the tastes to make their products more attractive to consumers.

From flavors for savory dry soups to low-sugar cookies, reduced fat yogurt to nutritious power bars, cool new beverages to traditional chocolate milk to organic soy burgers – Comax has the experience to deliver a wide variety of good tasting, cost-effective solutions for your flavor requirements.

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