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As a true custom ingredient innovator and supplier, California Custom Fruits and Flavors is distinct among the industries we serve. Traditionally, our products are developed with a customer’s particular requirements and applications in mind.

Strong sourcing in the commodities markets, coupled with continuous investments in product development and manufacturing, have propelled California Custom Fruits and Flavors into additional markets, providing value to customers from idea to fruition.

With 20 years of operational history, we take pride in supplying our ingredients to National brands as far away as Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Central America.
As a worldwide supplier of fruit and flavor ingredients, California Custom Fruits and Flavors places importance on offering products of uncompromising quality, while always remaining focused on the specific needs of the customer. From conception to fruition, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our wide-ranging strengths in flavor creativity and development, as well as our extensive production capabilities, are close to home with committed and team-oriented employees.

With an equipped facility and talented staff, our capability and product line continues to expand as we strive for growth and profitability. California Custom Fruits and Flavors remains focused on our customers with accessible employees and efficient methods of doing business.

California Custom Fruits and Flavors defines the latest trends as well as offers quality products to many food and beverage industries including:






Also be sure to look at the CCFF “Lab Notebook.” Browse through our latest creations and flavor innovations to see how we’re bringing ideas to fruition.

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