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Alfred L. Wolf.

As a creative and innovative supply partner to the food industry, service belongs to ALFRED L. WOLFF’s commercial policy. We offer our knowledge and experience with raw materials and their industrial processing as well as our competency to accompany our customers’ innovation programmes by developing the adequate ingredient forms and qualities.

Doing so over the past decades, we have extended our product variety by creating Alfred L. Wolff’s brand ingredients, i.e. tailormade qualities and functional ingredients which fit into the modern process technologies of the worldwide food industry and exactly correspond to our customers’ specifications.

ALFRED L. WOLFF GmbH, a family-owned and independent company, is a worldwide acting trader and producer of functional food ingredients and additives. The name ALFRED L. WOLFF stands for experience, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative partnership to the food industry.

Based on our international infrastructure to manage, trade, produce and control our range of natural products, we are in a position to fulfill the needs and requirements of the worldwide food manufacturers. Quality, efficiency and reliability constitute the very basis of our company philosophy.

Cooperation is the core element of our business policy. In our customers’ relationships we care for mutual respect and support to attain the highest quality standards in terms of products and services.

Social responsibility at ALFRED L. WOLFF means to generate and secure employment within the international company network while respecting the natural resources in our environment.

In 1994, ALFRED L. WOLFF GmbH was the first German company in its sector of activities to obtain the ISO 9002 certification. In July 2003, the certification was renewed according to the ISO 9001:2000 norm. The current ISO certificate has been approved on July 1st, 2006 and is valid until June 30th, 2009.

We aim at a systematic building up of an overall ALW Management System corresponding to the growing requirements for quality assurance and safety, environmental care and consumers’s protection.

All departments and units within ALFRED L. WOLFF’s international network cooperate closely to secure ALW high Quality Standard from sourcing to selling.

ALFRED L. WOLFF is a worldwide supplier of natural raw materials and functional brand ingredients to the food industry. ALW products are used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, petfood and chemo-technical applications.

As a leading honey trader, ALFRED L. WOLFF imports floral honeys from worldwide supply sources – traditional and organic-certified honeys – as well as bee products such as propolis, bee pollen, Royal Jelly and beeswax. ALFRED L. WOLFF produces customized ALW honey blends according to customers’ requirements, i.e. purified, liquefied, standardized honeys integrated into food formulas as aromatic agent or natural sweetener.

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