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A.C.Legg, Inc

A. C. Legg has enjoyed 80 years of success in the food seasoning business. Our success has been built on Quality, Consistency, Innovation, and Service. The Company was founded on these ideals in 1923 and they have been an integral part of our continued growth.Spice specifications meet or exceed the standards of the American Spice Trade Association. Ingredients are contracted to maintain rigid specifications and assure the blends remain consistent throughout the year. All custom blends are handled with confidentiality and considered proprietary information.
A.C. Legg is committed to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies. We maintain this philosophy with active participation and interaction with the organizations listed below:

  • American Meat Institute
  • American Meat Science
  • Association
    Institute of Food Technologists
  • American Association of Meat Processors
  • American Spice Trade Association
  • North American Meat Processing Association
  • National Barbecue AssociationWe are also members of numerous state associations and work with meat science departments at several universiti


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