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A. M. Todd Group


For more than 130 years, A. M. Todd has stood for resourcefulness in agriculture, flavor technology, and product development. A supplier of natural mint oils and botanical extracts for nutraceutical, food,beverage, confection, flavor, dietary supplement and personal care products.Today, we’re combining those historical resources with flexibility, speed, and creativity. And we’ve evolved to take advantage of new challenges and new opportunities. Take a look at the new Todd: your partner for a better future.

A. M. Todd developed the first mint hybrids resistant to verticillium wilt disease, a soil-borne fungus that had plagued growers for decades.

Great Spirit Ventures is A.M. Todd’s venture capital and development capability—providing growth capital and strategic resources to early-stage companies. Based in Mill Valley, California, Great Spirit Ventures is committed to enhancing the growth of exceptional companies in the branded consumer products, health care, and biotechnology industries at the intersection of food, agriculture, and medicine.

Mint is one of the world’s most coveted and complex crops. A peppermint plant, for example, has more than 300 constituents and grows in dozens of regions, each of which imparts its own nuance to the oil. It’s no wonder that developing the right mint flavor blend for a specific application can be daunting. But not for A. M. Todd. With more than 130 years of experience with traditional mint species and hybrids, we bring knowledge, creativity, and passion to mint and flavor technology. That’s why our customers, from start-up enterprises to some of the world’s larges.

A. M. Todd’s Plant Science Program is focused on timely, cost effective development, evaluation, and commercialization of specialty and proprietary herbaceous crops. The specialty plant science capabilities are also extended to clients on a contract research basis.

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