Candy cigarettes to tempt young people 1

candy cigarettes(kings)
An artfully disguised racket to promote smoking among young children with the use of cigarette-shaped candy has been detected in many parts of the country. This candy is now freely available for sale at various outlets in the main towns including Colombo.The candy which wraped with a cigarette shaped cover is meant to be sucked by placing it between the lips – similar to how a cigarette is smoked.

Professor Carlo Fonseka, the chairman of the National Commission to curb the use of Tobacco and Alcohol and Drugs said he was unaware of this latest racket.

“However, if anyone wishes to make a complaint regarding such material they can inform the District Tobacco Control Centres (DTCC) and necessary action will be taken against the sellers,” he assured.

The DTCC are regional units of NATA and comprises officials from the Excise Department and other government bodies.

Professor Fonseka said the public could also inform NATA regarding such matters by dialing the toll-free hotline No: 1948.

The promotion of cigarettes and liquor through advertising and other means is banned.


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  1. loretta Sep 16,2013 6:54 pm

    candy cigarettes are the stupidest thing invented so far. who made those? better yet who buys those for their kids? its just going to promote smoking to your young kids which then leads to real smoking which leads to a slow painful death. so congrats to all you nut balls buying that junk for your children.

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