Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Machines Help Evade Steep Tax

Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Machines Help Evade Steep Tax
WOOD DALE, Ill.—Scores of tobacco retailers in the U.S. are taking advantage of a federal tax loophole to offer deep discounts on roll-your-own cigarettes. But the practice is attracting scrutiny from regulators and cigarette manufacturers. At Smoke Zone, a store in this Chicago suburb, customers one recent afternoon flocked to two high-speed rolling machines that ...

Paterson Predicts “Uprising” Over Cigarette Tax Collection

Paterson Predicts
With Bloomberg already besieged by protests and angry letters calling for an apology over his offensive “cowboys and Indians” statement, Governor Paterson says he is worried about possible “violence and death” over the state’s plan to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations. Paterson said, “There will be quite an uprising and protest to ...

Electronic Cigarettes Too Easy To Get?

Electronic Cigarettes Too Easy To Get?
Smoking has been banned in most public places, and die-hard smokers are looking for new ways to feed their nicotine habit. One product, growing in popularity, is raising concerns with the FDA, but those looking to kick the habit say it has helped them.

Cuba’s subsidized cigarettes going up in smoke

Cuba's subsidized cigarettes going up in smoke
Cuba is phasing out its longstanding monthly allotments of subsidized cigarettes as President Raul Castro works to jump-start the island’s sputtering economy. Beginning next month, some 2.5 million Cubans over the age of 54 no longer will get their four packs of cigarettes as part of the country’s ration program, the government announced on Wednesday. ...

New tobacco products ignite debate

New tobacco products ignite debate
As states make it tougher to light up in public, tobacco manufacturers are rolling out new smokeless tobacco lines — some flavored, some spitless, prompting worries from public health officials about potentially unknown risks of these new products and their appeal to underage users. Among the new offerings in Michigan is Snus — tiny tea-bag-like ...

Retailers ‘concerned’ over tobacco display ban

Retailers 'concerned' over tobacco display ban
New laws banning shop tobacco displays in Scotland will increase black market trade, an industry survey has claimed. The Tobacco Retailers Alliance study said 56% of shopkeepers believed the move would increase contraband sales. The study by the alliance, which has 26,000 UK members, came after MSPs passed the law in January. Ministers said the ...

‘Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette!’

'Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette!'
This phrase from the popular Phil Harris song back in the 50’s and 60’s lamented cigarettes and the health problem they caused. The second line to that song is “Puff, puff, puff and if you puff yourself to death, tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that you just hated to make him wait!” Smoking ...